Download Files, Metadata and GitHub Wiki

Sometimes you don’t want to restore your repository directly back to GitHub but you need to have a quick look into your files or you want to check something that has been written to an issue or a milestone.

Therefore you can download your files, metadata and wiki directly from the BackHub user interface.

Downloading files of your GitHub repository

When downloading your files you’ll get a ZIP archive that contains a checkout of all files from the HEAD of the default branch in your GitHub repository. It’s much like the “Download ZIP” Button you know from GitHub.

Downloading metadata associated with your GitHub repository

Metadata is stored in JSON files so you can easily search across all content in your preferred editor. Together with the repository it’s also a great way to archive your data on your own storage. You can also use these files to import them into another project management tool if needed.

Downloading the GitHub wiki

Due to limitations of the GitHub API, a wiki can’t be restored directly back to GitHub. The wiki is stored as a separate repository however. You can download the files from BackHub and push them to your GitHub repository.

Screenshot of file and metadata download of a GitHub repository

You can read on in our blog about downloading files and downloading metadata or in the FAQ.